Location Scouting

Bring your vision to life.

Finding the perfect location can make or break your project, whether it’s a film, photoshoot, event, or even a real estate listing. Our experienced location scouts have a keen eye for detail and a vast network of connections, ensuring you find the ideal space that perfectly captures your vision.

What We Offer:

Comprehensive location search:

We scour the city (or beyond!) to find locations that meet your specific needs, considering factors like size, style, atmosphere, permits, and accessibility.

Detailed research and reports:

We provide comprehensive reports on each potential location, including photos, floor plans, logistical considerations, and potential permits or restrictions.

Negotiation and permitting assistance:

We can help you negotiate with property owners and obtain any necessary permits to ensure a smooth and stress-free shoot.

Local expertise:

Our scouts have in-depth knowledge of the area, allowing them to identify hidden gems and navigate logistical challenges with ease.

Benefits of using our Location Scouting Service

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